DM's Character fill in

Monk, Mountain Devotee

Str: 26 — AC – 27

Con: 19 — Fort – 31

Con: 26 — Reflex – 30

Int: 19 — Will – 27

Wis: 17

Cha: 18

Hit Points: 96

Uses a Club(PH1) to attack, channeling through a Mighty Strike Ki Focus +3(PH3). Off-hand melee is an Unarmed Strike(1d10 with Feat, PH3) Ranged, +4 Daggers from Bracers of Infinite Blades(AV1)

Simple Tactic: Attacks melee target and uses Flurry of Blows to deal additional damage to the same target, an adjacent enemy and one enemy up to 5 squares away. Most attacks knock targets Prone while allowing the Monk to move around the battlefield.


Will be filled in Later


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