Immortal Blood

Adventure Log

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Brief summary of the Story so far:

The player characters have been adventuring for some time as a group, gaining notoriety and notice from certain figures through the world. Their random shifting from one job to another came to a stop when a benefactor by the name of Tallasht took them under his service.

In exchange for 10% of the party’s gains, Tallasht provided protection, shelter, short-term loans and other benefits. Most importantly, he provided resources and information to locate rare treasures, artifacts and the locations of creatures the party would have otherwise never encountered.

Up to this point their employment to Tallasht has been well worth it’s price, and having just completed their most recent assignment the party began its return to Fairhaven where a messenger would meet them. On their travel back they encountered a strange old man, he offered them coin and treasure in return for retrieving a tome, and having some days till their arranged meeting the party accepted. Though the identity of the old man remains a secret, the party has grown suspicious of his nature, as his aid in battle has been of much more worth then the reward offered for their service. The dark creatures and traps the party has encountered on the path to retrieve the tome would have been far beyond their ability if not for him. The story begins as the group approaches the final chamber..



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